Maximize expected returns

Hedge positions and control worst-case loss

Unlock the power of custom strategies

Reduce volatility of your returns

Achieve structured derivatives results using listed products

Gain edge

Portfolio & Risk Managers, Analysts and Traders

  • Express your Fundamental Analysis

    Express your fundamental equity research predictions as maximized expected return, limited risk options trades

    “I want to trade ahead of an earnings announcement”

    “I want to capture a future market re-valuation”
  • Hedge your Stock Position or Lever Up

    Hedge or increase your exposure to an equity position with options overlays

    “I want to limit position risk ahead of market uncertainty”

    “I want to layer on a levered bullish strategy to increase profit if FDA approval is given”
  • Improve your Options Trade

    Improve an options trade you are thinking of trading

    “I’d normally consider a short straddle for this type of trade, but want Tradelegs to find me the best strategy”
  • Maintain your Position

    Maintain existing strategies with updated predictions and periodically adjusted risk/hedge constraints

    “The trade has moved in my favor and I want to extract some profit and de-risk”

    “The move hasn’t happened yet – I want to push out my time horizon by rolling over my position”

    “The last earnings call indicates the company may be recovering. I want to transform my bearish strategy so I can also profit if there’s a bounce up.”