Our algorithm technology is “algorithmically complete”: subject to your requirements and market data, it can generate the optimal custom strategy, or else prove to you that no viable trade exists

This gives you an edge that improves your profitability, and helps you control or avoid risky positions

Our advanced technology enables our clients to capture their true requirements and the complexity of the real world   

  • Advanced algorithm hybridization technology
  • Unique patent-pending models and algorithms

  • Specialized algorithm hybridization infrastructure
  • Ultra-powerful cluster-compute processing


The technology affords you the ability to start off simply, then quickly layer on additional constraints as you see fit, letting you easily shape the strategy to match your precise needs.

Speed & Scalability

Our technology solves massively complex options chains quickly and efficiently.

Accuracy & Realism

Systems with overly-simplified models are fast and dirty, leave money on the table, and expose you to unexpected situations and risks.

Unlike these more limited alternatives, the technology underlying our software allows you to represent your requirements and constraints the way you think about them.

Instead of over-simplifying, Tradelegs lets you represent real-world options trading and its uncertainties without compromising your strategies.

Our founding team has developed and deployed similar hardened algorithmic products in the airlines, logistics and telecoms sectors.

We have a track record of cracking optimization problems that were considered intractable or too hard to solve.

Please contact us for more information on the team’s past successes.

Explosive Scale

Because of their explosive scale, problems addressed by Tradelegs Derivatives Strategist™ are not solvable by conventional search.

If the goal is to find your best trade, how many combinations need to be checked per underlier and its options chain?

Every constraint (capital, risk, margin, hedging, etc.) has to be checked:

  • for every combination of underlier, put and call option
  • in every quantity, going long or short
  • over all potential prices and volatilities
  • and over the entire trade lifetime

Up to 3 x 1030 combinations have to be evaluated

That’s approximately the number of grains of sand on all the beaches of 400 billion Earths.